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Poll time : episode 4


Last episode’s most picked - run with your friend and grab something from the cave.
Now that you have actually reached to the cave you and your friend our trying to collect as much gold as possible , the walls are nearly cracking and you have 10 seconds to save yourself and your best friend but with the heavy gold in your pocket , you won’t be able to make it …choose !


  • Loose the Gold
  • Smile at your friend and both die in the cave
  • Save your friend and let your self die
  • Pray for miracle

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Imagine picking gold over your friend






:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: well…um


:persevere:if only you could have both. lol


These polls are making me rethink my life decisions


I can understand :joy::rofl:


Happy to see most people chose loose the gold :joy: