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Poll System on V2 App


There are plenty of services already available to ask your followers what they want to see. Comments are most likely not going to consist of people cookie-cutter answering your poll either. I understand where you are coming from and why you think it would be a good idea, I just disagree. V2 is going to about sharing content, not voting on what the creator should do, that’s really up to the creator anyways.


I appreciate this line but what if an artist himself wanna address something.

Everyone have there own ideas and i don’t think so that u might have to say such things. Most of people liked it and 2 people like you can’t change our mind so Thanks once again and from my side you are allowed to leave.


I feel like since V2’s main medium is just a 6-second video, there isn’t enough time to have a section that’s just “yo what’s up guys be sure to mash that like button, comment what you wanna see next, don’t for-“ there is only enough time for the content of their vine. They could maybe have their poll just on twitter or something or another social media account, but it feels a bit inappropriate to have a poll asking for ideas under a loop. It could work though, who knows!


Yeah maybe it might work because as you know lots of followers don’t use twitter or doesn’t have a specified user on twitter, Well it depends. Thanks for your Kind reply.


This forum isn’t about people agreeing with you, its about generating discussion, which you are doing a fine job at! It wasn’t a bad idea, but not every invention becomes the wheel, y’know? Sorry if I offended you. :frowning:


That’s exactly where I’m coming from. I just think it would be unnecessary.


Yeah Mate, I’m not forcing anyone. I just wanted to answer with kind info. Don’t worry im not offended :wink:


That could really work. I like it


I appreciate that you found this idea interesting and Useful.


i think polls may decrease liking activity.


I totally agree. If you could link other social media’s like twitter and than host a poll there, that would probably work better.


Ya It’s a very good idea




@jennifer Maybe :stuck_out_tongue: .

@KatieMoe that’s also okay but all of vine followers don’t actually follow everyone on twitter so its better to have it on V2 App.

@Hundred_Dios yayy! Thanks mate.

@WyattHedrick :roll_eyes:


I know but I’m pretty sure you don’t need a twitter to vote on a poll. I know you can still look at other people’s profile if you aren’t logged in.


Heres something that people arent talking about here - what if we had more voting systems than just multiple-choice? What if you could rank your choices or pick more than one? That would be really cool imo


But you can’t vote in Poll if you aren’t logged in :wink:


to be honest i didn’t understand your point? What else can be added to pole? if you are talking about pole having more then 2 choices then it would be good.


Exactly, just keep it simple. Otherwise, V2 will veer into something like this:

(Also, wrong section :p)


Forget about the section ill change it and btw It is a simple app but it needs to be a little up to date some it can have all features in it. Don’t you want a Full features V2 app?