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Poll System on V2 App


There should be a poll system in V2 apps because sometimes when artists are out of idea they might ask people for some sorta votes that which kind of vines should i post forward. (Music,Edits,Cringe,Comedy,Meme) Names in Polls are added by Artist (Owner of Account).

Secondly it might help in collaboration, As you know soon vine will be Popular and Vine celebrities would like to ask people to with whom they have to collab in next videos and people will choose a name Which are listed in Polls and there are more examples of polls like keeping a meet up etc.

Note: Its Good to see direct votes (On Polls) or to count each comment for a day (How much votes each gets in 2 Choices) and then decide?

Posts like YouTube? Polls like Twitter?
What can you post in the comment section
Viewer Engagement Idea - Poll on top of playing video loop

“Comment down below on what I should post next”

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Great. You made a Pole too. I might ask how can we do that cause i can’t lmao


But saying that defeats the purpose of a poll.


Poll can be used in many ways. It doesn’t defeat anything. Would You read 1000+ Comments or a simple pole answer?


When u type the reply thingy … There will be a setting icon… There u go


Ahh Okay thank you so much.


The 1000 comments cause I wouldn’t want people to jus the subjected to a few options, unless it’s something I need to do


Well maybe you didn’t get the pole option. Sorry


I still prefer poll over reading that much…Better to use the poll to create some sorta videos nd not wasting time in comments


I mean I understand to read all comments is time consuming, but I’d personally skim through it


Well everyone have their own opinion


Yeah I’m not knocking the idea, cause there would b times I’d think a poll would be good lol


Well I hope all people are same like you? Have u ever Got respond on your comment by logan paul? or other famous viners? They won’t because when you get actual big then you don’t read Comments btw its okay it depends on Opinions and you have your own opinion i Appreciate it.


Personally, I don’t see how this feature would be necessary.


I’ll still read comments lol


LoL Obviously ill read comments too :P. But as you know when you need an answer between Pizza or Burger You might see direct votes on poles and On comment u have to read comment first and then Count them all and Publish. (Or you can say with whom should i collab: with Logan or Jake)


Its Good to see direct votes or to count each comment for a day and then decide?