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Phone Numbers Will Become Like E-Mail By 2038 (My Prediction)

Something I’ve noticed about the new apps is the option to log in exclusively with your phone number and not even having to remember the password for it. All you have to do is use your number and it sends you a pass code, you enter it, and you’re logged in. From my observation as well, people are more responsive to DMs than texting.


This is called Two-Factor Authentication, and while it’s more secure in some ways, I really hate it. It makes logging in take more time (enter phone number, get code, type in code) and I really don’t like providing my phone number to a company. Too many companies have had their user databases hacked and they get all kinds of info about us as a result. Usually it’s just a name and password, but if they also get your phone number, there are all kinds of shady things they can do to scam you.


also spoofing a number is a thing. it’s SO easy for a hacker who knows your number to do it and access it.

the best kind of 2fa is using an authenticator app like googles one


Eventually numbers will run out so they will get longer too


Phone numbers are starting to be obsolete. Most people dont even call or text anymore and even things like a home phone barely exist anymore. So i dont even think phones will even be used before they run out of numbers or change to codes or scanning or something.


From the little I’ve watched videos on this topic, the biggest issue with cyber security and phone numbers is how secure is your cell phone provider? What kind of questions do they ask when trying to verify you? For example they might ask you your birthday, but in 2019 it seems pointless because many people stupidly put their month, day, and year on their profile. That’s not good verification in a 2019 enivorment.

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To me the next step after phone numbers by creating online accounts is using your actual real identity you can’t change which you register with the government like a social security card, your birth certificate. We’re slowly heading into a VR world, not in 5 years from now, or 10 years from now, or even 30 years from now, but give it a time. More than anything else they just want that so if you do something illegal online they can track you.

Nothing on the internet is a 100% secure. Even 2fa has its flaws even if you use an app. Many people use the same email for their bank account to log into FB, or their other soicals. Emails, phone numbers, whatever for certain things need to kept seperate. I know its annoying but nothing on the interent is 100% secure. It wasn’t designed to be that way.

What exactly do you mean by that?

i know nothing is completely secure. but 2fa is better than nothing lol

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I just like ranting what I can say. Plus this might someone delete their emberassing selfies. :joy: