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Pewdiepie Feels Like a Youtube Reaction Channel

This isn’t a diss to him, but rather he spends a lot of time reacting to videos, memes, etc. Even when he used to do a lot of videos of him playing video games, in a way it was kind of a reaction video. Post your thoughts below


at least he puts something into it, even when he’s watching stuff already made, he adds to it, unlike actual reaction channels that just sit watching a thing


Most “reaction” channels just diss the content. Felix actually appreciates some of the content, and when he plays the games, he kind of is reacting yes lol. It could go either way for me


Bruh pewdiepie is a Minecraft channel.


I don’t feel as much soul in his content anymore. i still support him though, he does care and appreciate for the work he’s reacting to


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I think I watched two minutes of one of his videos and that’s all I ever watched.


videos nowadays are mostly made with the “let’s just make today’s video” philosophy, with generally no real thought behind them. That’s just the state of the platform right now to a great extent imo, it’s turned into more of a “let’s make a video because i have to make a video” rather than “let’s make a video because i have a clever story to tell or something cool for you to see”. A proven strategy is to pump out content every day, and the easiest way to make a video every day is to sit in front of stuff other people took the time to make or stuff everybody else is talking about and then just talk about it, you can easily make 10 minutes out of that. You get the same amount of views, and people are used to it, so why change?

Makes for wayy less exciting content and the vibe of the platform is pretty different from the awesome world it used to be… i’d love for it to come back and i’m doing my best to write content that feels more exciting :))


thank you for doing that. YouTube’s in a major slump in sooo many different ways, and it’s awesome that a small content creator is willing to still do what he enjoys. Thank you.

I see where you’re coming from with this, but I think what there’s always been that debate of what the people want, and what creators want. You could say the same for movies. One of the highest grossest movies of all time is avatar.

Unliked Casey Nesisat Pewdiepie isn’t exaclty respected by many adults in your age bracket. Casey is one of the few big youtubers who’s big but, dosen’t mess up at the same level of some these other content creators

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I understand what he’s trying to do. He went from gaming to now doing memes and trying to make the most viral content. It’s a buisness and he’s doing a dang good job of making things go viral, but still it’s interesting to see him as big as he is with the content he is making now

These days it feels like he does more memes and what not