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Pet peeves(feel free to share)


People who pour the cereal before the milk, y’all are psychopaths everyone knows you pour milk first :triumph::triumph:


Good answer! Happy to have your answer!


I hate people who are serious all the time :confused:

And vice verse :joy:


You hate serious who are people all the time :umwht:


What :joy::joy::joy:


Am I the only one who doesn’t like loud people? Especially when you’re on the train and everybody can hear this person talking!!


you all really hate me :joy:


Im not a fan of people that find being edgy funny all the time. Or people that can’t be serious for a hot second. It just bothers me, like are you okay? Do you need help? Just say something normal for once lmao.


why has everyone on this thread been against me recently :confused:


No not you ive had convos with u