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Pet peeves(feel free to share)


Ugh, ikr! The cheek


I mean, is that a BAD thing? :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:


ikr?!?! :joy: :rage:


lol i guess not! :sweat_smile:


I know right :sweat_smile:


really cocky people who put others down to boost they own ego




Hate when people randomly tap me on the shoulder. Kind makes me want me want to slap a fool lol


Alright I got a lot lol first, I hate when people make loud chewing noises when they eat, I hate when people suck in their snot like their life depends on it, and i get annoyed at people who breathe unnecessarily loud. These are the main reasons why I hate ASMR lmao


so you hate me then yeet


Never knowing what to say


My biggest pet peeve is when someone can’t mind their own business. :roll_eyes::unamused:
Like BRUH. Why you all in my business? Ain’t nobody worried about you. SMH


Not a big fan of ASMR at all, but it seems to be popular for whatever reason. That’s the internet in a nutshell


people not signaling when they merge


When people talk in movies and complain during traffic :joy:


I knowwwww, like y would you want to be randomly yelling at someone in a car if they can’t even hear ya jthink


Exactly :joy::joy:


People that flirt with other people in front of you even though they were flirting with you not that long ago…


My ego lol