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Pet peeves(feel free to share)


Am I the only person who finds band wagoners annoying? they push everyone to believe that they are soo awesome because they like something, and then treat it like garbage after the hype is over. Some peeps act like they were OGs to whatever the topic was(e.g. musicals, artists, videogames) and then get super bratty when you try to call them out. HOW DO WE STOP THIS?!! :expressionless: lel


people who don’t realize they are super biased about something and don’t accept facts :rage:


ugh, toooooo truuuuuuue


Having to repeat myself more than once


like when someone doesn’t answer, or just stuff in general. or eVeRyThInG… either way i get it :sweat_smile:


Both lol :joy::joy:


lol agreed :joy:


im a hopeless romantic and tend to fall for anyone 2easily :’)


trust me, i understand :sweat_smile:


People chewing with their mouth open


i do that sometimes, Sorry :sweat_smile:


Loud eaters for sure



Same here lol


When someone blows smoke in my face


oof 8char


Saying “like” or “umm” too many times when talking


wet mouth noises, ignorant people, people that curse every other word unironically and myself.

I annoy myself.




When one of your teammates in Fortnite waste their ammo by shooting at you. :anger: