People Starting Fake Beef


Do You Guys Think That People will create fake beef on v2 to try to get clout?? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: And if there is beef I can cover it on my shade room page on Instagram @Thevinershaderoom … My personal opinion is that everyone should stay positive and try to help one another, ya feel me? :joy::heart:


I can not understand this post


I just think it would be ridiculous if people had fake beef on an app where you can’t post longer than 6.5 seconds…


I hope not :grimacing:


This app would be total straying away from the morals and values it was built on to have beef right away. Honestly, if you want beef, check out all of Youtube. You could be similiar to drama alert but cover stories for smaller youtubers rather than the huge ones.


Most likely, sadly drama and negativity gains attention easily.

Also, if you actually implemented your opinion you most likely would not have your instagram account that covers “beef”


So you have an instagram covering beef, only adding fuel to the fire.


Exactly what I am saying- hypocrisy.


Lmao why would you have a page called Vinershaderoom if you want people to stay positive


Anyone want to start beef with me


I’ll get the grill


This is so embarrassing.


You mean like ricegum type of fake beef with some creators? or??


yeah basically :joy:


no, we cover beef, but thats not the main idea of the account. on my account i post mainly updates on v2 to educate people :black_heart::black_heart: All hate is blocked


its just a username, we dont promote hate at all! we block all hate




Sure, you suck :scream:


Woah bro u suck


@Marko @tooturntalex y’all thats too far, you both suck equally :joy::joy:

But yeah, I’ve seen some people talking about starting fake beef for clout and honestly its just so :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:… like what kinda beef can legit happen that isnt obviously staged and middle-school-locker-room?