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Peach - the app


lol oh I meant integrated like support for it, not merging


Exactly. I think they should definitely be affiliated apps, but definitely not dependent on each other in any way. For example, if you typed a certain keyword, you could search your recently viewed or your recently liked posts on V2 and share them with your friends! :outbox_tray:


Yeah, like this! That way usage for both apps would be encouraged, not forced. (cough facebook messenger cough)


That’s actually a good idea!! Especially from a marketing POV


Just started it—very interesting concept!! If anyone wants to chat with me in the app let me know what your username is. Mine’s Yoshr.


Gonna Check it Out Now!!! Looks like a very interesting concept.


I downloaded it but it keeps crashing😢 it looks really cool and I would love to use it but it tends to crash for me


Mine crashes whenever I try to insert my phone number.


I liked the different types of pokes and how it almost felt like a new twitter. I could be wrong, but didn’t like every app rip off posting with GIFs from Peach? It was really exciting in the beginning because unlike twitter, since it was so new, more than one person would like a post. Was Peach using modified Byte tech? The two felt quite similar.


That’s what it did for me


I heard of Peach around the time these forums went public a few months ago, but never used it because I honestly thought it was shut down/inactive/closed. The layout is super cute and the interface looks just peach-y. Har har har.


The concept reminds me a little of the early Facebook wall, when people would post a lot more frequently about stuff they were doing, including pictures, statuses, links, etc. I’ve tried it out, but honestly I would often just find it easier and far simpler to just post something on a Snapchat/Instagram story, because I could capture whatever I was doing in a quick picture.


I see what you did there


I honestly liked it. It Felt like a small club of people who would make simple, almost diary like post. I did wonder why it seemed to have a little bit less visual traffic than other social media applications, but maybe I didn’t give myself enough time with it to branch out and friend interesting people. What really made me happy was the Magic Words feature. Very fun and creative way to add something to my timeline.


I like the layout and colour scheme. Isn’t it basically like whatsapp but a more A E S T H E T I C version?


i dont even remeber what i ate for dinner… let alone an apps :sweat_smile:


I did download it at one point! The format and everything was nice, but none of my friends were using it so it didn’t stay on my phone


Never actually heard of that before !


I have used it. For some reason, it became very popular with the gay community in New York even after the app so-called “died.” The gays love insta because we’re narcissistic as hell, but Peach filled a role in allowing us to share more than just cute photos. I enjoyed it! However, I eventually deleted the app when the buzz died down around the time Instagram started doing insta-stories. For the love of all things holy, please consider working on v2. v2 would be the BEST because comedy pleases the masses the most! Just sayin!


In case you didn’t know, Peach is an app created by Byte, which is a company that Dom was the CEO and Founder of back in 2014 - 2016