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Peach - the app


Did anyone ever use it? What did you think (honestly)?


Never even heard of it. Was it like the original Vine?


I feel like I subconsciously remember it, but no I’ve never used it.


Never used it- no offense to you Dom. Apparently you created it, set up looks extremely nice.

Question why did ever Byte end?


Huh?? I’ve never heard of it… How have I not heard of it?! Looking it up right now.


(And no offense Dom!)


Woahhh, how have I not heard of this? The logo is nice, the layout is nice, seems like a fun app to use… Confused on why I haven’t heard of it…


Dom? His A E S T H E T I C is all over the app… I should’ve guessed!


I’ve seen it in the App Store while browsing around. Never really used it. No offense Dom. But by the screenshots it looks pretty good.


btw technically this is my first post in a while but i have been around popping into some discussions


I’m sorry but I haven’t heard of it.


@lex Is fixing to post a whole book! :joy:


I never have heard about this app.


Hadn’t used the app until now. Just read the app’s description, saw some of its screenshots on the App Store, and texted a few things with the app and I think it’s a great app, but mostly for Android users. I think that most people who use iOS devices would probably find it unnecessary to install something so similar to iMessage unless these users had various contacts they commonly contact that use Android devices and had the app. However, Android users probably take advantage of this app mostly since it’s like having a more aesthetically pleasing version of various iMessage extensions and iMessage itself they can use with all their friends.

:star: :star: :star: :star: 1/2 stars on Android
:star: :star: :star: 1/2 stars on iOS


I never heard of it before, but I just downloaded it. Honestly it seems really cool! It’s like a unique take on a blog, set up with a more personal aesthetic.

It took a little bit to navigate, and definitely seems more oriented for friend use (close personal circle).

Honestly it seems really cool if I could get some of my friends to download it, but the lack of a search bar / more in depth explore page (posts vs profiles) seems counter-intuitive to the typical attention-based social media that we see today.

That being said, it’s cool and theres clearly people who are into It and use it, it’s not what many people are looking for in a social site. I wish it was marketed more! I could see it being used more if I play around with the app a bit more and understand fully how it works (maybe a more in depth tutorial would suffice!) But the aesthetics are :fire:


I agree! This is the kind of app that gets better the more people you know that use it.


It’s got song recognition software! Neato!! It has a wide array of post types that’s for sure :slight_smile:


Found more of the tutorial! My bad :sweat_smile:



What if Peach and (v2) were integrated somehow? Song recognition, dedicated messaging functions, huge platform…


Ehhhh sounds interesting if some things were carried over like that, but merging code seems… like no bueno. Especially since he said he wanted a fresh start.