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One week in w/ byte + beta plans


Yalla gotta be quick if there is a second sign up (which I think there will be). More the merrier…more bugs to be caught


Where is the second sign up


There hasn’t been a second signup yet.


aint one…yet


I’m hungry to be a tester man.


Exciting, but please inform me by replying to me so I can find out when it is.


I hope the second sign up comes soon ! I only found out there was a community forum after I found dom’s twitter and he tweeted about beta testing:(


If you see a second opportunity to sign up for the beta just tag me pls. Also I’m entering the forums everyday.
@arf @Reallyahmed @Rafiki or anyone that see the second sign up pls


No need for anyone to tag you. Don’t worry, as long as you are active here you would know when the next beta opportunity arrives.


Is just in case if dom say something like you have only 2 hours to sign up or something like that (I don’t think it would happen, but just in case)


I gotchu bro dw bout it :heart:


Bummed I missed it, but the big day will be here before we know it.


I think I’ll drop out of college to go full time Byte users


There will be an announcement. Stay tuned.


the irony is strong with this one.


yes!! thank you!!




Heck yeah! Super excited for this!! Been on the forums since January!


So excited to finally be able to progress on app that elite and prestige CEO​:fire::fire:


Big things coming! Excited!