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One week in w/ byte + beta plans


great news


Only a week into the name announcement and the hype is through the roof, I think this app is going to be just fine.


look @ u raf tryna seem professional just to become an expert… :$$


Lol :joy:


ooooh hype!! im so excited for this!! i never was a part of the vine scene, since i was like, a preteen when it got huge. i want to be a part of a big short-video community that im not afraid to use :,)


am on the beta list i joined this great forum on 10 October and i post just about every 2nd day would i still get on it


i swear i can always suss you out LMFAO


i think that i’m EXCITED


i ain’t gonna do it


ok this is my attempt at replying via email…

edit: ooo i was the 100th person to earn that badge


And you won the Last Post thread? nani is the luck in this life


bsnj LMAOOOO :joy:


i know right i cant wait!


Im so hyped for this


Hello. This is my first post here but not my last. I understand I missed the beta signup process but would like to throw my name out there still to see I could be considered. I offered quite a bit of feedback on Vine when it was active and some of my offerings ended up being adopted. I do heavy video and audio editing and am typically thought of as being in the surreal art genre. I am meticulous with making sure expressions loop seamlessly on a loop based platform. I am sure I would be able to offer valuable feedback to the functions of Byte if I had the opportunity.


if instagram video duration is 1 minute
IGTV 15 minute
so… how long :vine: 2 / Byte video duration?


I was on the forum prior to the beta post being announced and replied to the post. However I never received an email, did others receive emails or are we just signed up without confirmation?
I’m okay either way, just checking I’m in the same boat as everyone and didn’t miss out.


It is 6.5 seconds


Stay strong team! WE support you! (idk why i capitalized we but i guess it’s like that now)


So there will be additional sign ups for beta testing? If so I’d love one lol. I am so happy for what you all are doing this is going to be amazing. This is what it’s like to be apart of something. I love the community interaction that this has brought!