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One week in w/ byte + beta plans


yee yee :cowboy_hat_face: im so excited!


Yesss :muscle:t2:


I loved this!

Sounds great !!!


Yee, and I can not stress this enough, HAW.


Oh snap. I am excited for this to save us from everything that is wrong with looped video right now.


am happy as well there is a android beta so i can use it on my Nokia 8


I’m real hyped for this app! Can’t wait!:metal:t3:


DAMN… i’m too late …
how must i be worthy to forgo this venture into the beta!?
i will stop at no lengths to strive and i wont allow giving up as an action
for I am…PUGPLUG… the being who never sleeps
and never GIVES UP!

(real note tho how can i get a key for the beta like ill grind for it if i have to just toss the info and I am on it.


Thanks for the update! I’m so excited :smile:


just by curiosity how did you make this?


Bruh I missed the Beta thread and got left out :sob:


Same, I missed to,. My theory is that if become a “expert” a can have more opportunities to get in the beta


Same I didn’t signed up


Absolutely not. I also missed beta the signup, but being an “expert” doesn’t give any extra opportunities to enter the beta. The same opportunities are granted for everyone on the forums regardless of whether one is an expert or just a member. If an expert didn’t sign up when they were supposed to, then they wouldn’t be getting beta.


So I didn’t make it, unless they gave another opportunity or something like that


@3_Mexican_chillis Yes. The only way left to enter would be through the other opportunities that are soon to come in the nearby future. So don’t worry, there will be more chances.


Website lo


Forgo means to decline or omit. Sooooo… You don’t want to be on the beta???


Reverse psychology my friend