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One week in w/ byte + beta plans


Literal chills, I hope I don’t miss the beta signup. I’ve been around since day 11 of the forums.


That’s exactly how it happened to me


The beta sign up already happened


cami said there would be a few more chances to get in the beta guys! so we still have another chance to get in, don’t worry.
PS: i was in the forum since day 2 but couldn’t access the beta




we got this lol


really hoping for another beta sign up too!


I feel revived.


Yaaaaaaas and thanks for the update! So excited :love_you_gesture:t6::love_you_gesture:t6:


sad that i missed the beta invite. i’m a college freshman cs major and I have few ideas myself. Hopefully, I can get in on the next beta sign up. Really excited for what’s to come !!



THE NEWS I loved most is the fact that byte would be launching in every country and alongside on ANDROID which is great cus many apps don’t give a damn about Android


i was 3 hours late replying to the beta signup thread and didn’t realise until after i worked out the time difference. dom left it open by accident but i don’t know if that counts or not D:


Haha I think you got blesssedd

I bet it’s count fasho


i hope so! :tired_face::pray:t3:


PLEASE do not underestimate android. Do not do what snapchat does to android’s camera.


YES THIS a 1000 times, hate apps who give less attention to android


So lucky that dom has allowed the app to be android beta as well


Great job thank you!!!


Omg excited !!!


yay cant wait