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One week in w/ byte + beta plans


chills, literal chills wowowpqisjeowosj




I’m beyond excited for this app. Thank you so much for making this happen.


This is awesome to hear!! I’m super excited!


So excited!! Thank you for everything


I can’t wait!


AHSALSKSKSK. can’t wait!!




I’m so excited!


Im so ready!!!


Making a company into a corporation is not very expensive. It depends on the state, but to file as a corporation it costs $300 max. ( I realize that there is a lot more to it but it really is not that expensive)


So so so excited!


I missed the beta sign up, will there be another one? I joined the forums january 17 but i tried to sign in today and it said my account didnt exist, i still have the activation email from january tho.


i was a member of the forum since january but couldn’t qualify for the beta test :frowning:


same story here dude


This is insanely exciting. My entire week has been revolving around this!


Can. Not. Wait. :slight_smile:


Does that access include the people that replied within the thread after 5pm that day? @cami_p I’m just asking because I wanted to know if it counts. Lol


I’ve been on the forums since day one… wheres the beta signup?

EDIT: I think it was actually day 11 but you get the picture.


I can’t wait for it to be released!!!