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One week in w/ byte + beta plans


Thanks for the update!


Great update, I deff shed a tear reading this :sob:
So excited for everything and this app !!



thanks for the update :slight_smile:


yesss i can not wait! :sunflower::sparkles:


Awww yissss


Thanks for the update! It’s great to see how this will begin to unveil.


AAAAAA!!! Yes!


So excited!


Sounds great


I’m so hyped and I can’t wait! Keep up the good work :call_me_hand:


Screams in Hype :laughing:


Aaaaaaaaaa :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


can’t wait!!




yessss i cant wait!! super excited to see what byte has in store for us!


Hello Byte! I have a suggestion for you! I read somewhere that your team weren’t anticipating the amount of people that will be using byte and that it may be a problem but I think you could use this to your advantage!
Have you thought about making byte a corporation?
This is expensive but once you do this, people will invest the hell into byte, you can use those finds to grow byte and it will be less of a liability for your team. Now I understand that Twitter bought Vine and sent it down the shitter so that may deter your team from making this thing public but that is a much safer and more profitable route.






I love this so much. Thank you so much.

I have a question though. Is it all the people who signed up before the beta was announced, or is there some kind of read time requirement?


Woot! Excited for what’s coming.


sah juicy