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One week in w/ byte + beta plans


I’m so excited that everyone will be able to join the beta! With a big and supportive audience like this one, I’m sure that tons of helpful feedback will roll in continuously through the whole process. Can’t wait to try it out! :+1:


Great update. I can see y’all are doing great things. We’re looking forward to your work. I was not able to sign up for the beta but even being apart of the community will be plenty enough. Keep working hard Byte on.


ahhhh exciting!!!


The is going to be great, can’t wait until beta starts up, good luck to the byte team!!!


Very cool


:clap:So excited! Hope that another beta round does come out​:grin:


Excellent news! Thanks for keeping us updated.


Definitely very excited


Woo! Thank you so much for the info, it is really appreciated! I’m excited to see how this pans out!!


Thanks great update


I missed it as well, but from my understanding it’s only the first public beta release. Not sure if that’s what they meant, but I agree it’ll be great


What phase of the beta will the “Original 905” come in? You know, those who signed up in that 72-hour window a few weeks back.


so happy to hear more news cant wait for the new year now


Thanks for the update @cami_p! So excited to hear other plans you all have in mind to tell us about soon… :laughing:


Wonderful news :heart:


Extremely excited for this :)))


Cant wait for applications to open again :eyes:


I am keeping my lazer eyes out for that


:tada::tada: wahoo, lets gooooo


#HYPEFORBYTE Keep it up guys!