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One week in w/ byte + beta plans


Yo hablo español, soy de Mexico y si tuve acceso a la beta! :mexico:


This sounds awesome im very confused would love to sign up is this the second chance to sign up or old


i phone 8 i love byte already and want to entertain the community already


Hi there!

This post is actually just an update in regards to the beta signups - unfortunately not a thread for additional signups. But don’t fret! There may be other opportunities to signup through the forums or through the byte twitter (@byte_app). Also, as the staff has mentioned in a more recent update, they may be bringing in people who have signed up for the creator program on

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much you have been a huge help! :grinning:


Can I be a beta tester or is it too late? I have got an iPhone X! Thank you


please read what ash said above your reply


omg sorry, im new here🤣


no worries man, welcome to the forums! :grin: