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One week in w/ byte + beta plans


@livwatersmusic @iaanyll Firstly, I would like to welcome you both to the forums! Hope you are enjoying your time here.

As for the beta signups, @dom or a forum moderator will post a thread, simply titled ‘beta signup’ (or something along those lines). On the thread, you must post your phone brand and model, and possibly your Operating System, but I doubt that will be necessary. From there, staff will determine who gets on the beta list, which is determined by forum activity (if you are constantly participating on the forums, you have a higher chance of accessing the beta).

If there’s anything else I can help with, just ask!


thank you so much


I’m so eager for the beta to come out lol


I missed the beta thread. I’ve been signed up for a while now, but I didn’t check the forums for a stretch of a few days and completely missed it. Ugh. I’m really hoping they’ll open up the beta for more people.


they’ve already opened it a couple times, you must have missed those too rip


Yes, me too!!


Yeah >:/ It’s annoying. I know they’ve opened it up a few times but I guess I’ve gotten unlucky in terms of when I check the forums. After the first beta thread, I didn’t think they were going to open it again, and then when I checked back in, another beta thread had just closed.


Please open one more time, for the last time


you can announce something else now cami no need to wait ¡!!¡


Hey, Cami. Been a member of the forum for quite some time, but missed the beta sign up emails. Grrrr. I have beta tested a wide variety of different apps, so if there are any spots still open for the beta, that would be great. I am running on an iPhone Xs Max.


The Product Poet


I am hyped! The thing is, even if the app never launches I would have met and spoken to so many awesome, thanks guys!


I bet so many others have asked, but does anyone know when the people who signed up for the beta will be contacted?


wondering the same thing


also waiting…


hope to hear some more updates soon :crossed_fingers:


to the last few comments on this post: here is a more recent update from the byte team regarding the creator program & beta plans. we do not currently have any dates as far as beta goes. all I can suggest is to remain active on the forums & join the community discord for any updates.


Are there any current update as to when we can expect a full launch​:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: súper excited! Big fan of vine and all that came from it. Can’t wait to see what awesome things come from Byte :slight_smile:


thanks! I missed this post


Stufffff like this gets me excited !!!


alguien habla español, cuando viene al final? No me registre ni para la beta