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One week in w/ byte + beta plans


Wrong thread bud. :ok_hand:t2: @Kdando


wrong one and you can’t even signup anyways


@kevinaf Duplicate post my dude I already told @kdando


Wrong thread bro


are you talking to me?


Yes, I already told him that.


No you didn’t, you told KalaniBallFree

and you duplicated post anyways


DM me. . .


this is so exciting! Can’t wait to see how the new app works!


I’m ready for byte, but I just want byte to simple and clean(if you know I mean). I never got to use vine.


Lol me too


I joined the forums January 18th does that mean I’m qualified for the beta?


No you have to signup (which already closed), but there will be more chances in the future


This will definitely be interesting regardless if I can get into Beta or not. Looking forward to Byte😀


Can’t Wait!!!


I missed the sign up. Will have to wait for another round. :man_shrugging:


I’ve been here for over a year and the one of the few times I didn’t check the fourms was the time the sign ups we’re up, iv been checking every day for the 2nd one, I hope I get it this time. :slight_smile:


The second beta sign-up has already occurred. But fear not! More will be coming soon.


Will you be having anymore newer user beta signups from here on out? If so, do you have anymore information on how I could become involved? I have been doing a lot of reading through threads, but it is a tad difficult to understand it all! Thank you and I am excited to start being a creator :smile:


Same here. I kind of found it out last week and now I am interested to be a creator. I wonder if it is still open or I am just confused with the whole process but I’m really excited