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One week in w/ byte + beta plans


Hi again!

Now that it’s been a week since the name announcement, we wanted to follow up with a bit of a response, then some updates on how we plan to roll out the beta.

First, the app we’re building is a fresh start for this team, meaning…just that. :wink: We’re bringing a lot of our new ideas to byte, while of course carrying over what we’ve learned and what we remember of the magic that came before. But our goal with byte is for it to be its own thing!

We have a small beta running internally right now within our team, plus friends and family. The wider beta will start next year and will be rolled out in phases. The exact timing and size of the phases will be based on what we need to test. Early on, it’ll mostly be about catching bugs and testing for speed and stability. Later on, we’ll be looking more into community dynamics and getting a feel for the kinds of stuff people might create when the app launches.

Something that we’re discussing internally right now is the possibility of waiting until later phases of the beta (or just before launch) to debut a feature or two, only in an attempt to avoid leaks.

Every member of the forum who qualified (was a member of the forums prior to the beta thread being posted) and signed up in the beta thread will get guaranteed access, including a special feature just for testers. We might phase these invites as well, but we’ll keep them relatively close together. Testers for each phase will be selected randomly.

We’ll have additional opportunities for people to apply for the beta, but we won’t be able to guarantee spots to all the newer signups.

At launch we’ll be on iOS and Android and targeting almost all countries with app stores (so not just US). We’ve heard some concerns from people outside the US about discovery being limited to particular countries, but while that’s the typical approach, we’re gonna look into a better way to balance things.

:ok: it’s back to work over here. More soon!

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I've been in the forums for over a year but missed the beta. now what?
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HYPEEE!! This is the most excited I have been for anything


Honestly thank you to the entire team for sticking with it! however long it takes to prevent leaks and keep it rolled tight together, It will be WORTH THE WAIT!


AaAAaaaAaAaaHHHhhhHHhHH inhale AaAAaaaAHhhhhHhhhh :joy: :exploding_head:

This is great news especially! :+1: Thank you @cami_p (byte team) and Dom for all you’re doing! :slightly_smiling_face:

Beta testers!

yeeeee haww!


So happy to hear the great news. I’m so excited and I can’t(can) wait for further updates. Keep working hard, we support you! You guys are doing great!


great! i can’t wait


Good to hear!!


God that was so pleasant to read :cold_sweat:


Here we go!


This is going to be interesting :wink:


V sad that I missed beta signs ups (that was a holiday weekend & I work retail fml) BUT any update is a good update & I’ll enjoy the app regardless of when I get it :joy:


Ohhhhh yeahhhhh! :muscle:t4: I hope if we did miss the previous beta sign up post there will be another one soon


YES! Keep it up guys!




Very sad that I missed the beta but I know the final product will be fire af.


This might just make me cry from the happiness. I’m so used to thinking that I’ll have to fight twice as hard to get to the place I want because of where I live. This has already made my day


Thank you so much for the update! I’m so excited!! :smile:


would love to get onto the beta app cant wait for it so will people who signed up just before the beta post and i keep on posting on forum every week will they get into it as well would love to be able to share my Spanish chrismas in Spain with you all


:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle: yesss!!!