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Old Viners


Lets say all the viners come back. What would people think of them? Danny Gonzalez. Skinny Penis guy and Cody Ko. What about Lele Pons. Would they just dominate the platform? What will happen to their youtube? I really don’t know, but I would like your opinions. What would you think of them if they did byte and youtube? Would you like them to come back? Do you want them to dominate the platform with their youtube subs or let people of the byte community be popular?


:sob::joy: skinny penis guy is noel miller, just for a heads up.


I know. I watch him Cody ko’s vids. but skinny penis guy still sounds more prestigious.


I really want the smaller viners to come back. like Drew Gooden, yunglame, Danny Gonzalez, Legendarius, etc. etc. I don’t want any one person, or group of people, to dominate, rather a more even distribution, if people do get really big.


I’d really like Thomas Sanders and Danny Gonzalez to be on Byte


Yeah people like Drew Gooden would be great to have back, but I’m really hoping people like Lele Pons and the Paul brothers don’t come back. Fortunately, they’re too successful to even think about it.


Well maybe if there’s an “on the rise” feature on the app that could promote smaller users so that the ones that were already big wouldn’t necessarily dominate the platform.


There has been a lot of discussion on this already. Dom plans to have a chronological feed, so not the most popular bytes higher up so that smaller creators can still compete.

Also there are other topics on this issue. Please use the search bar to make sure you won’t be posting a duplicate topic next time. :+1:t2:


Sorry my bad, I’ll make sure to use to search better next time.


It’s all good bro :+1:t2:


Can never guess what happens on the internet. Vine, tiktok, youtube, fortnite all being very good examples of that.
We’ll just have to wait and see. :mantelpiece_clock:


Ugh… There are some talentless peeps out there who are getting fame

Heard of Damnlongneck and the wide neck feller…


ehhh doesn’t really matter if there is a repost from time to time imo

or else we’ll need to start re-opening topics from january last year


but while i don’t mind old viners coming onto the platform, i’d prefer if it’s the funny ones and not the lele pons type of people tho


I think it’d be good if new people make content and grow, people who currently aren’t famous. but that being said if big YouTubers joined the platform it would help the amount of people joining the platform grow considerably and those people would also start to follow new creators too so every one would grow idk over all what would happen