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So, I think it would be nice watch videos offline. For example, sometimes I travel to places where there is no 4G or wifi. Maybe choose some videos to be offline or put an entire profile offline, something like what Spotify and Netflix do. I don’t know, just an idea.


Dom tweeted a secret LEAK

This would be cool. Like if every post you liked was able to save and play offline? I dig it. Not quite sure how it would work. Or if it could work. But I like what you’re thinking.



i too like to watch 2 seconds of a vine and then save the rest for later so as not to indulge



I think it would be interesting, but at the same time, like, you would need to previously download/save them and I don’t know if I (personally) would go through constantly finding my favorite vines. But for real though, it is an interesting idea that would be interesting if implemented.



Maybe there could be an option like, for the top videos of the day, a way to download them automatically. Something that could be a part of your personal settings. So you don’t have to go through 100+ videos, & the videos you’re watching offline would be ones you haven’t seen yet. It would probably be kinda tricky but I dig it.



This would mean that everytime you like something you download it to your phone which would take up TONS of phone space.

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Yes, I think the app needs to be simple and objective, but maybe it works with playlists, or you could choose all the content of your favorite creator/artist. I also do not know if it would work, then, just an idea.

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I thought about this after I posted haha. I recall constantly having to delete the vine app off my phone and then redownload it - simply because it was just eating space on my old phone. But it’s still a nice thought!



i like the idea, but like jake said, there is always the issue of storage space and then there is the issue of plagiarizing/stealing content by exploiting the service



The easy way for the issue of storage space is getting a new phone :joy: Obviously!
(This is sarcasm by the way)

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Yeah, I was thinking about what Jake said, too. But I do not think it would be interesting something automated, it would really be like playlists in Spotify or series on Netflix, you do not need to keep this on your smartphone after watching. And about plagiarizing/stealing, the content would only be available in the application. Yet it seems more complex than I imagined. :joy: And I’m not sure if it could be done with Swift.

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I feel like that’s the beauty of the forum though. Any idea is a good idea, no matter how complex :woman_shrugging:t2:



honestly true

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This is facts. I know if I could download any video I wanted free of charge and not worry about storage space my IG page would be poppin. Daquan who?

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Quite honestly the concept of saving vids to like an inventory that can be accessed offline is pretty g. This would be great for users who like to share, but can’t send.






holy wow. never even realized I mentioned this before it was a thing haha. dom where’s my $ cut? :thinking:



I want mine too :joy::joy::joy:



I just want the app :neutral_face:

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