Officially salty


okay so i left for like 8 days but that’s because my wifi succs

and now i lost my expert status T-T rip in peace me

but es all good. just a reminder to stay active on the forum i suppose.

(ps. i’m stillllll salty)

how are ya lads? any wild stories yet? dramatic storytimes?

my only wild story is i jumped off a cliff into really deep water on my day off.
i was soooooo close to a belly flop i was gonna die if i had flopped from that height


WEll, I helped work a food joint and got paid nothing : p
Otherwise, classes and all that jazz, y’know :sweat_smile:
Started a :stop_sign: !!!NEW NEW NEW!!! :stop_sign: anime called Assasination Clasroom(woohoo!)

and uh yeah that sums up my last few weeks!!!


I LOST MY EXPERT STATUS TOO :sob::sob::sob::sob: i mean i was still active… but only lurking.
Other than that I spent my time working :tipping_hand_woman:t6:‍♀️


why are yalls expert badges going away :sob: @dom wyd :joy: fr though ive just been sick and i got 2nd place in my race, only exciting things that has happened these past few months


Aww sorry about that Jay… You’re still a token on the forums, dont forget that :joy::two_hearts:


Sorry to hear that!


welp. was it an internship? or did you do it for a favour to someone?
AC IS SO GOOOODDDD enjoy it lad
good to hear you’re doing ace


omg rip in peace both of us T-T
and yessss get that coin (yes i know that’s not a coin) :dollar:
secure the bag :moneybag:


idk reid i suppose it’s proof we’re all dying
(hella good job in the race, bro)
also feel better buddy x

also @dom love ya buddy but shape up


it’s all cool, fam
thank you :heart:
you’re an angel x


meh, community volunteering and all that. It was actually pretty fun : D D D D !!!


Think I’ll lose mine soon, I don’t post much but I’m always lurking :laughing:


Aww no! You better engage a little more, if you want to keep it my friend :joy:


Lol, supposedly I became an expert over the summer and I had no clue. When I came back, I had no idea that I lost it before someone told me.


good on you for volunteering!


lmao a mood.