the byte community forums

Officially salty


okay so i left for like 8 days but that’s because my wifi succs

and now i lost my expert status T-T rip in peace me

but es all good. just a reminder to stay active on the forum i suppose.

(ps. i’m stillllll salty)

how are ya lads? any wild stories yet? dramatic storytimes?

my only wild story is i jumped off a cliff into really deep water on my day off.
i was soooooo close to a belly flop i was gonna die if i had flopped from that height


WEll, I helped work a food joint and got paid nothing : p
Otherwise, classes and all that jazz, y’know :sweat_smile:
Started a :stop_sign: !!!NEW NEW NEW!!! :stop_sign: anime called Assasination Clasroom(woohoo!)

and uh yeah that sums up my last few weeks!!!


I LOST MY EXPERT STATUS TOO :sob::sob::sob::sob: i mean i was still active… but only lurking.
Other than that I spent my time working :tipping_hand_woman:t6:‍♀️


why are yalls expert badges going away :sob: @dom wyd :joy: fr though ive just been sick and i got 2nd place in my race, only exciting things that has happened these past few months


Aww sorry about that Jay… You’re still a token on the forums, dont forget that :joy::two_hearts:


Sorry to hear that!


welp. was it an internship? or did you do it for a favour to someone?
AC IS SO GOOOODDDD enjoy it lad
good to hear you’re doing ace


omg rip in peace both of us T-T
and yessss get that coin (yes i know that’s not a coin) :dollar:
secure the bag :moneybag:


idk reid i suppose it’s proof we’re all dying
(hella good job in the race, bro)
also feel better buddy x

also @dom love ya buddy but shape up


it’s all cool, fam
thank you :heart:
you’re an angel x


meh, community volunteering and all that. It was actually pretty fun : D D D D !!!


Think I’ll lose mine soon, I don’t post much but I’m always lurking :laughing:


Aww no! You better engage a little more, if you want to keep it my friend :joy:


Lol, supposedly I became an expert over the summer and I had no clue. When I came back, I had no idea that I lost it before someone told me.


good on you for volunteering!


lmao a mood.


Congrats on getting your expert status back by the way!


thanks so much!!


grains of salt qq


im still salty because we need salt to stay alive, so my body is a certain percentage salt but im no longer this salty