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Looks like Mr. Hofmann wanted to put an end to the imposter madness. I followed this REAL one just in case!




Thanks for clearing this up. Hopefully this can discourage more fake accounts from being created.


Lets all just take a moment to realize we’ve followed the account before it (is going to) reach 1.000.000 followers.






Nice! Is there anyway that I can apply for moderator or something? If not it’s fine.


Thank you for confirming :sunglasses:


@dom, I’m a comp sci student who really wants to work on this project upon graduation. I have completed plenty of internships and built a social network as a personal project. How can I contact you to get involved?


The account is almost at 20k followers! It’s getting real! :smile:


Alright @dom, how many villages will I need to raid to get you to follow me?




Nice!!! Cant wait for more updates


This is more than exciting. Count me in for volunteer moderation when the time comes :smile:


i’m ready


Is there a eelease date


Really gald to hear that!


@dom Mr. Hofmann,

I am looking for an internship and I would really like to get involved with the V2 project. If you are looking for internship positions, who can I contact to get involved?

Thank you!


I don’t have twitter.


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