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Not necessarily a commercial but a promotion


Isn’t that a compilation of videos…?


Yes its a small compilation


I guess.


I would also like to apologize because i just realized i never credited @ifeanyi for this idea becoming a reality i’d appreciate it if everyone could please thank him for being my inspiration

some additional information as it seems some people are unaware the deadline for submitting a 6 second video to be featured in the byte promo video will be February 14th Valentines Day

all submissions are to be sent to if you are unable to send the video by email contact me via Twitter or Instagram @imjustinnovoa

Thanks ~ JJ



Has everybody submitted their videos yet??? I’ve submitted mine. Just wondering🤷‍♂️

email them here:

I’m excited for this!


I just sent mine in! I hope you like it!


Hey , the idea sounds so fun to me but like we send you video out here or on other social Media ?!


hey, submitted a video today! :smile:


you will get mine in the first week of February… :ok_hand:


I have a genre topic coming up teaching out to you guys a little further :grin:


What should the videos contain?


Anything as long as its not offensive


we are nearing closer to the deadline for video submissions make sure you get them in :grin:


oh yah forgot about this, will do


If we are going to do this:
1 we need to count how many people will be on it.
2 We need to know what are we gonna say, maybe something like “Vine is back”, “This is byte” and stuff like that.
3 We need someone who knows how to edit videos
4 Then we give the video to @dom so he can upload it to youtube or twitter etc.
(that would be what I would like to happen)


ive been working on this and recieved a great idea from one of our mods as well


i just need content from you guys and it will be amazing


dang i should probably make some kind of video for this


i love it


Doesn’t have to be anything big just dish out what comes to mind