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Not necessarily a commercial but a promotion


Yoo that’s would be awesome!


I’d be sold on that.


Decided to bump this today because this plan will be going into execution soon


Sounds cool


would totally participate. maybe we should make a dropbox so that everyone could upload his clip


cool. we can do it


Great idea


Most definitely down for this!!! Great idea by the way !


ESSSSSKEEETTIIIIITTTT!!! (in lil pump’s voice)


This sounds so cool! I would definitely want to be a part of it!


That’s so cool! How can we get involved?


Great idea. I want to be in!


Omg I’d love for this to happen. Even if it doesn’t get out to the public it would be super fun to make a video with u all :blush:


Ok i’ve officially decided to bump this, This is an opportunity for all forum members and anyone else interested in becoming a content creator; I am requesting that you make a 3 to 6 second video to be featured in a commercial for byte, send it to my email and try to be as creative as possible its a good idea to preview the genre of content your going to be doing on the platform. Once you submit it to me it will be reviewed and i will let you know if its going to be featured in the commercial everyone who participates and is featured will be credited at the end of the short clip my email for the project is

Happy Looping ~ JJ


Well the video would have to fit a landscape screen


What about? Like just a normal byte


What do you mean a normal byte ?


A comedy byte or musical one and not one where we acnoledge the commercial


A comedy byte or musical one and not one where we acnoledge the commercial


Any six second video that is appropriate and you think would appeal to your audience