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Not necessarily a commercial but a promotion


Love the sound of it!


Hell yeah, I’m in.


I’d love to be a part of this!


I’m hella down


I’m down. I would totally post it on my instagram


I’m down


I’m down


Sounds cool


im so pumped dm me on instagram whenever your ready and ill send you a clip


bruh yess


Yo yes, feel free to DM me on Instagram as well and I’ll send a clip. My IG is in my bio



I’m in for sure!


You know I’m down. Lol


definitely interested


The most important part of the development of byte is that it seems to be very much aimed at the community and be a gift for us rather than a tool used to turn profit. I think having a promotional video put together by the community is a perfect metaphor for that idea in particular. We should definitely get this out to dom to see what he thinks because if he would like to have some community fueled promotion, he would most likely have a vision in mind for it. Especially if it ends up being on the official byte twitter or what have you. I am totally down and we should absolutely make this happen! Great idea my dude!


Would love to contribute!

When you say “two to six second video”, do you mean a video That showcases what we’re gonna do on the app, or just of us being hype around the release?


Dope I’m down no doubt :grinning:


so when we doin this cus


Same here !!! I’m so ready