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Not necessarily a commercial but a promotion


Ok so what i’m thinking is we make a 3 to 5 minute promotional video, We have everyone who can, record a two to six second video to compile into a short compilation. We do have a lot of talented creators on the forums and this can be a really cool way to debut and promote the app. Since we would use content from our own forum members this is a really good community building project as well. In addition to having talented content creators we also have talented video editors like @Super @ryze and myself. I want for there to be an animation of the app logo at the end of the clip including the release Spring 2019 and when this is all put together we could post it on twitter and other social media.

Just a PSA we can also present it to Dom for him to maybe post it on the Byte instagram and twitter

Comment what you think down below ~ JJ (Justin)

Collabing for a promo video
Collabing for a promo video
Dope minor thing
What do you think the first post on Byte will be?
What’s your passion?

Sounds fun to me!


I’m down


I’m uppp


sounds good!


Am in! Sounds awesome


yes exactly what I was thinking!


I’m in! Great idea


I’m down!


this would be awesome!


Count me in amigo


sounds pretty litty


sounds gud


Like a teaser trailer. I want to be part of this. Yes.


I love this! Count me in!


fully down, jj.


i love this


Sounds great to me! Im up to it! (I can dress up as a dinosaur)


That’s a good idea but… too early if it’s for the release of the app. Maybe someone can post it somewhere and dom or everyone can like it so people find it. If it’s on Instagram for example… if it is post and uses the #byte and gets at least around 100-200 likes it will most likely be on #byte top section.


i’m interested