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Non or Ex (Role) guide - how to do the job

If you are not an expert or mod, but still want to help when others aren’t, here are some tips on how you can:

  • Flag posts
    You can flag posts you think are duplicates or inappropriate, this is a great help, and helps mods do their jobs better.
  • Reply with appropriate category
    If you see a post that is wrongly categorised, reply saying the correct category, so the person can change it, or an expert can see and change it to the appropriate category.
  • Look for duplicates
    If you see a familiar post, that you feel has been done before, look up some posts like it and link them. Also flag the post to get a mods attention so they can close the thread.
  • Answer questions
    If you see a confused member of the forum, please help! If you know the answer or can direct them in the right direction it will be a big help to them.