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No “Rebytes” right away


I was able to capture this news. Dom has confirmed Rebytes won’t be there right away untill they figure out a system that’s more fair.! He has expressed an option on being able to turn off seeing reposts all together and that’s somthing I completely agree with .i think getting rid of reposts all together kinda stinks.but I love the option to turn them on or off

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Sounds good at first , lets see where it actually takes us though.

Super hyped :heart_eyes:


Having a number of reposts per day also sounds good. Makes people much more selective and also whomever gets reposted gets more recognition.


Absolutely agree! Love it don’t love getting rid of the button completely


changed category to ideas and feature requests :yellow_heart:


I Didn’t think I should have put it in ideas and features since I was not suggesting an idea and dom was saying this himself it was my bad completely ! Thanks ! :slightly_smiling_face:


not an issue, just since it’s about a feature i thought it would sit best here


Ah makes sense! Thanks again it’s great to get all this exciting news!


I am definitely a supporter of the repost function. I also love the idea of limiting people to a maximum of one or two per day making them more selective and making each repost worth more.

I hope they don’t take away the button altogether!


Yeah I agree. ReBytes from popular creators could help with exposure. Or show support to fellow creators.


i do not think it’s a good idea to “limits”
less rebytes = less reach, less reach = less content creators
forcing a user to choose only 2 or 3 bytes to give rebyte in a day is also very bad, many people do not post videos, and the way they express themselves is giving rebyte to other people (it’s how people give rts in tweets but never tweeting anything)
“wow! what a cool byte, I need to show this to my followers!” bleee, you can not do this. dkhdskdhd It’s just my opinion, but I support what comes around :slight_smile:


Yeah! On other apps such as twitter, some people repost up to 100 or even more times a day, and it’s not because they want to spam but because they’re active and want to share good content to the people who follow them. Limiting that would prevent some smaller byters from getting known


yea!!! i agree with you, keeping users engaged only brings benefits to Byte, when the user gives rebyte in some byte it will be as if he was part of that, he is showing the world what he likes


Yeah! Bigger creators could simply rebyte someone’s byte, and that could get them a lot of recognition :smiley:


i LOVE the rebyte option…pls dont consider taking it away…in terms of limiting…im not sure how many rebytes a day would be considered annoying


Hoping rebytes come.


I’m wondering what @dom means by “a system that’s more fair” regarding rebytes. How can they be unfair? I know some people like to over-share, and on Vine there were cliques that would only revine each other (e.g., Magcon), and some people sold revines if they had a large following. Not sure how you tamp down that kind of thing, though, or make it fair without severely limiting a feature that often helps newer creators get seen.

If the app has the option to turn off seeing rebytes from specific users — just as you can turn retweets off on Twitter for specific people you follow — that should be enough to keep it from getting out of control. If someone is over-sharing or sharing videos you just don’t like, you can either unfollow the person or turn off rebytes for that user so you only see videos they post themselves.

For those selling rebytes, I think the app just needs to have a policy against this, and if someone is caught doing it they get a warning, then get banned if it continues.

I think this is an important feature for Byte to have from the very beginning, though. I don’t see the point of releasing the app without a rebyte feature when it’s a highly desired feature that they’re planning to add anyway.


Agreed bro