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No, More, Hate!


On my channel I declared positivity, which means if I see any hate (even if it is kinda true…)
(lets not talk about that lol)

I will be blocking all hate comments instead of replying and/ or trying to defend myself and getting mad.
I’ve had enough of people talking about views and looks, its about my personality and my life choices as a person & how I act and I’m about to go on Byte to show that! And I am so excited for that!

Thank You!

-Nathan J


And I sound like a di*k when I say “hmm this video didn’t get much views than the last one”

Trust me, I’m not trying ti be a di*ck when I say that, but when that happens, I feel left out, and I don’t know who really loves me.


I’m sorry you’ve had so many haters! I enjoyed the Shaniqua Sandra Sunday vid. And will like to see what you do on Byte. Don’t let people bring you down!!!

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Thanks, I thought shaniqua was cringeworthy, I think some of the vlogs were boring. But Bytes, oh I can tell they’re gonna be good!

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Can’t wait to see ya on byte my dude


Good for you though for sticking with it despite the negativity. You’re pushing through it. Respect


The cringe levels were off the charts which is why I loved it :joy:

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Sadly hate comments and any sort of hate will arise as you get bigger. You can’t stop that. But spreading a message positivity is something I can respect.


Haters got internet too. Just keep doing you. :100:

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haha, How does that work???

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I made my last rant about views/ dislikes and people today, you can watch it here. Last one, for ages.


True ‘cause it rhymes


I watched it. Don’t think YouTube has to be your big break. It’s so so hard to get started on YouTube because of the other huge creators. Which is exactly why we’re all here, is for Byte which will give us that shot. Keep hanging in there


Yas! I defo will!

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