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Nick jonas and priyanka chopra


Anyone else a little cringed by the age gap …?
I know the age doesnt matter . But the gap is around of 10 years…


Yeah it’s a little weird but the older people get the age gap matters less. Like Trump and Melania have a crazy age gap he could be her father


hell naww LOVE IS BLIIIIND, and nick be lucky to land a gal like Priyanka and vice versa


I love their relationship! They are so cute together! :sun_behind_small_cloud:


I’m cringing because she can do so much better than him.


I like them. They make each other happy and that’s all that matters.


aGe Is JuSt a NuMbEr lmaooo, but nah I dont mind it, its not like shes 40 years older


Priyanka is the most beautiful woman alive


i don’t know anything at all about anything at all this applies to everything


after 21, you can date in whatever age group and it’s fine. if they like each other that’s literally all that matters, no one’s opinion does. they are unbothered and thriving.