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New V2 Logo Idea


Wish we were lol
Just giving our ideas
…for now… :wink:


Haha I wish! @michael is the graphic artist on the v2 team! I was just making ideas :bulb:


What about a green to Twitter color blue on the 2. that might look cool


Like this?


I think it looks dope but right in between both numbers I think you should try a small gradient so we get the fade to it. I just wanna see how it looks tho i think it will ruin the whole sleek 2d look of it


Yeah like that, but I was thinking with sort of a fade from green to blue pattern using the connected v2 logo


So like this:
Although, it has the “VR” look this way.


Looks really good


This could almost be a toggle.

A switch labeled, "Respective Color Mode"
it could match the iPhone color and screen color to the theme of the app.
So… Rose-Gold iPhones would receive a light-colored theme with rose-gold hints.

I think ‘Respective Colors’ could be really cool. Toggle-able of course. :wink:


That would be really good actually


I personally like the photo that dom tweeted out. It stays true to the old vine logo and the green color makes it pop out. I do think that the idea to connect the text would make the photo a bit more flowy, but with that being said, I think having them not connected is nice also.


Oh man I was thinking about making this but now I don’t have to. Thanks for doing this. It looks so much better than the one @dom has at this point. I love the idea of a continuous “V2”. 11/10


Thanks mason! I’m sure the v2 team is hard at work with branding - and would want to take anything away from them :slightly_smiling_face: I think the continuous logo offers a sense of nostalgia for viners


It will be interesting if the logo goes around both letter like a complete loop


We’ll see!


Uh Yesszss


This is pretty darn cool


Only one problem (even though I like it): the 2 looks like an ‘a’.


I like it :+1::yum:


looks sick