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New V2 Logo Idea


The two with the black backgrounds look cleannnnn :smiley:


Hahah. I get very bored in my college lectures.


I personally love this logo idea. It gives it that creative spin to it?? Is that just me?


thank you!


just a concept…


that looks really cool


Thanks! It’s just a concept! I’m sure the actual version will look a lot more professional


Looks really good maan


hi, what do tou think, that instead of the app being called V2, being called Loop?

this is what could be a really basic logo! (please make others logos for loop, so we can see where we can go… :smiley::smiley::smiley: )


Wow! That is very nice!


I do like the name “loop” as well. But if the app were to be called something else - I believe the name “knot” would also be nice. After all v2 coukd be an app that ties artist’s together through creating “loop based” content.


  1. You should add “follows you” when you visit a vine profile that follows you. Just like Twitter.

  2. You should add “Comments” tab along with “Likes” tab on a profile. Put the little arrow on “Likes” tab for the “Comments” tab, just like “Hide Revines” in “Posts” tab.

  3. You should add like/smile button to comments to make commenting more exciting and interesting. The top liked comments will give you some facts and details with that vine video. Even though users refresh the comments, Top comments should always show at the top portion no matter what, but New comments will show below the Top comments. Top comments should be maximum of 3.
    And Top comments are not stable, once a comment surpassed the likes of some of the Top comments, it will be now part of the Top comments.

I made an edit to give you an idea to what it will look like:


I can see it already.


Oh damn, I really like the black one, it’s so so good


yea but it kinda reminds me of the spotify sign-in screen


This is slick :call_me_hand:t3:


Look at all these designers here :clap:t4:


Love this logo


they should make shore the logo pops and makes you download the app so more people will go on it.


@CamGreenawalt @ryze are you the official designers of the V2 team or you made all that art for fun ?