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New V2 Logo Idea


Ooh, this looks great, but it might still be too similar


I’m sorry but this comic sans font is ugly af…


it does look smiliar and i think its the look of the number 2


I don’t know about the copyright issues, but I think this one looks better than the rest. The separation helps distinguish the two from an R like someone mentioned before. :blep:


i like the idea of making it look like a 2! this is what it looks like but the only thing is I had to mirror it image


That looks awesome! Although I will say that I doubt the app is actually going to be called V2. V2 seems more like a code-name.


Its not font. It’s vector art.


I still don’t like it. The curvy edges are too remeniscent of comic sans.


Once again, I love your creation Cam! Keep it up!


appreciate you!


NEW: This design still showcases the “v” & “2” flowing into one another. But the tri-color selection seperates them to read easier as V2. :slight_smile: Here are a couple of color selections I put together.


Hi! I just want to point out that I stumbled across a twitter account that has a sort of similar logo it was called @ hellobwom


:clap: I love it!


I think the green V2 would look nice against a white background


V2Logo Idea

Thought I might have a go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i lovee it :heart_eyes:


This looks sick. Although Dom has already posted a logo this looks cool


I really like this one


Hey appreciate it!


My favorite is either of the two white background ones, probably the top white background! Also, how do you have the time to design this stuff. It seems like something new comes out every few hours :joy::joy: