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New V2 Logo Idea


Trust me, you didn’t. I knew we had artists here but what you did was pretty amazing.


Awe :aww: thank you. That was sweet.


10/10 about this dark theme logo


I really like this new design!


This logo looks so smooth dang lol and it would be very nice if they add a dark/bright mode :laughing:


This is real nice :upside_down_face:


you guys are amazing!!!


black and green looks sick.


It looks nice, I like the inverted colors (black and green), well in general I like the darker themes on apps. For example discord has a great dark theme which I think should be implemented somewhere on V2.


dom has talked about the possibility of a dark mode on the v2 app :grin:


Yeah deff looks a lot better in my opinion.


How do I post a question? Cant seem to figure this page out.


Have you seen somewhere were it says post a thread?


No, I’ve been searching the site but can’t seem to find anywhere that says post a thread.

#55 go here so we dont have to spam this topic


This logo refers to the vine, and vine is from twitter, so could sue for plagiarism


Don’t forget though that when Dom announced V2, he used a similar image to both vine and Cam’s version


Oww love the meaning of the logo


Man the sight of the logo gives me chiiillzzzz. Can’t wait!!


@dom & @michael

Would this possibly be a “loop hole” around Twitter’s trademark? The letters are disconnected, but appear to still flow into one another. :slightly_smiling_face: