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New V2 Logo Idea


Fingers crossed


i mean hey, he has the iphone x, might as well take advantage of that oled display, amirite


oooooh, that would look so clean…


Oml I love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I like it good work!


this is actually one of the first things i drew out, but unfortunately if you don’t know it’s v2, it often reads as VR. :grin:

Aside from that, we likely won’t be using a curly V due to trademark reasons. :tear:


My heart :sleepy::broken_heart:


Ahhhh mannnn. That stinks.


:frowning: I’ll still use it as a background @CamGreenawalt


Haha at least I know it’ll be put to use :+1:t3::slightly_smiling_face:


T-shirt design?? :wink::grinning:



Makes a pretty slick hat


Would 100% buy


I feel like I wasted my 1 topic per 24hrs now… :’)


:’) its all good though. At least you received feed back.


You’re right…you are very right.


Regardless of the v2 logo - I think Black & Green looks super slick. If anyone else is looking for a new phone wallpaper. I attached a photo below:


Gotta give it it to @tooturntalex for the colors though. In love with the idea though :bulb:


Thank you thank you :smirk:


I think I’m gonna steal your wallpaper for my phone now :smiling_imp: