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New V2 Logo Idea


Vines are one continuous loop…so why not make the logo be one as well? Here is a rough rendition of my take on the v2 logo. :slightly_smiling_face:

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v2 Logo idea
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Vine has a similar design but it is owned by Twitter. Nice idea of the loops being put in logo, extremely smart


not sure if you saw the current photo that @dom posted on twitter, but if not ill attach it below


ooooh I couldn’t even tell the difference, nice editing skills.


appreciate it, i think it looks a bit smoother


+1 on the smoothness


Damn that’s pretty nice


This is really nice, like it a lot :ok_hand:


(My two sense)
I personally like black a lot and a black background with the V2 as green would definitely be cool to me. I’ll use it as my background lol


could you make a more colorful background based around the v2? with like clean simple shapes and stuff


That would look sick. Let me try that


Oh my god, I literally love the sleekness of the design


Love this as well


Damn, that’s pretty cool.


@tooturntalex good call…


That’d be sick, @CamGreenawalt should def try that


I believe i think I know what you’re describing…I think haha. I’d definitely try.


Pretty sick man, if @Dom has any color suggestions you should totally do 'em. You got some talent


I’m super excited to see what will happen to V2’s logo when branding becomes solidified. The Green on black version of the logo that you made is honestly so dope. The choice of colors just makes everything pop, and I think the continuous loop is a nice touch :ok_hand:t5:


Maybe if v2 has a dark mode cough @dom cough that could be the logo inside of the app?