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NEW Snapchat Group Ages 13-18


Hey guys!
It seems like every time I try to join one of these snap or insta groups I always get there too late. So, I thought if I made one myself then there would be no chance of it being full before I can get in. I’m not begging you to be like constantly active in this group/ I understand people have lives. Just join and I would love to get to know some new people and branch out of my little area of friends. Drop your names and I will try to add you. Have a good day.


Unfortunately I don’t have Snapchat but I do have a hype topic full of people that you can add on there make sure you like it :slightly_smiling_face:


In case you do get in or create one, here’s a fun Snapchat lens to use! unnamed%20(1)


Hey, add me…? 16, Asian, no noods :^P


Hey add me my Snapchat is wolfwithoez
I’m really bored but have lots of funny pictures


Add me: bergstromarnn


Add me to any group please sc: hasnain143


My snapchat is augusoctavius
I also do streak too



uh is this thread still new lol


Add me I do Streaks. :wink:
Add me: michellecorte23