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New form catagory


@dom I think it would be good to have a form category for games, jokes, memes or whatever. I have already seen quite a few posts that would fit into that catagory so I think it would be a nice addition so they have a place to go other than #random

Yes I agree with this, hopefully it can be done!


Do any other people in the community feel this would be a useful addition?

  • Yes
  • No

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adding a “fun” category


Awesome! Thanks :raised_hands:t3:

– Taylor Southwick


found this and wondered if this ever actually happened because games etc still seem to go in #off-topic and this seems like a good idea still

all of this kind of stuff


12 months later


i found the post and thought it was interesting, wasnt going to duplicate post was i :thinking:


shush before wheevan comes x


At the time this post was made we added a fun category but as the forms have grown and categories changed all of those posts were moved into off topic.