New experimental category: Wiki

We are experimenting with a new “Wiki” category. You can probably see the two new posts I just made into it.

Here’s how it works:

  • Unlike normal topics, wiki topics are similar to pages. They are all about collectively editing the main post, rather than replying with new posts.
  • Anyone with TL3 (“Expert”) or higher can edit the content of a wiki topic.
  • Anyone with TL3 or higher can also submit a new wiki topic, but it must be approved by moderators.
  • The Community Wiki topic can be considered the “home” or “index” topic. Use this topic to create jumping off points into other topics.
  • Make sure to click the wrench, and hit “Make Wiki” before you finalize your post (or after) to make it an editable post.

If this is a little confusing, that’s okay. Wikis usually are. But the general idea is that the community can work together to organize information in a way that’s easy to parse and navigate for new and existing users alike.

Assuming the experiment works, we will make light suggestions but ultimately it will likely be up to the moderators and the community’s power users to come up with a flexible organization system that makes sense.

P.S. We will see about lifting or adjusting the TL restrictions in the future, but want to see how this plays out first.


Will this change being able to make posts in other categories wikis?


I’m not sure I actually know what those are.


What I mean is you can make any post a wiki, do you want them to only be in the wiki category?


Oh, yeah. I don’t know actually. Is that used frequently? For anything that is worth coming back to, and has a likelihood of being maintained into the future, it probably makes more sense to fold it into the Wiki.


Seen it used a couple times, not regularly though. I think if it’s something people will actually want to go back to then wiki makes sense, figure that having an over abundance of jokey posts in the category wouldn’t be ideal
Only two I’d be unsure about adding are these two, since they actually benefit from being wikis


The app ! :sob::sob::sob:

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It’s really nice to keep everything organized like this and have the community work together to add info to it. I’m interested in seeing how this plays out!


The organization skills of the byte team is unmatched


cool ideas and good at organization! :slight_smile:

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Fantastic idea. Hopefully this can prevent duplicate topics and people asking questions that are already answered.