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Never stopped editing


I started editing video using Vine. I absolutely loved the looping mechanism and how I could reinforce stimuli this way. When Vine closed I did not stop editing. I have been making longer edits since then hoping that someday another looping platform would reemerge. Here is a recent expression\edit.


wow. phenomenal work


Thanks. I am really looking forward to byte since the 6.5 sec loops allow me to contain my surreal abstractions into byte-sized expressions making them a bit more digestible and accessible to a wider audience. The current generation and audience that doesn’t have patience for a min+ video, the generation consuming and expressing everything in bite-sized packages, tweets, memes, one-lines, etc… Though in 6.5 sec I can pack a punch and that is compounded by it being reinforced by the loop that can hopefully knock some of the dust clear and create, inspire, and pollinate some new more cultivated passages that spring new life into their own gardens that follows them forever. Do you think a 6.5 sec looping expression can do that? I do.


I think that a 6.5 sec loop can certainly pull that off and I see you were able to make great videos on vine
One thing i really liked about this is how unique it is to the majority of content posted on the internet
Looking forward to your Byte content.

We watched a film recently for school and your video reminded me of it a little.


I love the footage from that film. That is the kind of footage that attracts me. I used some footage from Irma Vep in a few vines. Here is one -

This is me looking at byte - “I’m coming for you.” ha.

Curious to see how well old vine content will move to byte or if that would be frowned upon.


Wow, you do some really dope editing! :+1:


omg this is great! goalssss. you’re very skilled :eyes::ok_hand:t3:


Are some of the footage reels used in the video stock?


Not stock to any tools I use. I would have pulled it from some other footage that I imagine was at the beginning or end of something that I felt I could use as a transition, in this case, a meaningful and relevant transition since I cut to a man filming the intensity of the female character. I will grab a full video just to use a few seconds of it if I feel a part has power, character, and meaning.

I do hope that byte has the algorithm Vine did to beat detect tracks so we can create seamless audio loops as easily. Before Vine added that it was a manual process that took trial and error. So that internal beat detection function was a major valuable feature to me. It allowed me to spend more time on my editing, import, know what track I wanted to use already usually, but use the internal app audio tools to experiment with a part of the track that fit the footage best and loop cleanly. I loved it. It was an edge. I haven’t seen it anywhere else.


Tbh chief I’m stupid to even read the first paragraph


I’ll admit this is pretty dope. How long did it take to edit?


It’s hard to say because I lose track of time when editing. I am thinking 1-3 hours.


Omg I know this is an old post but this is the first time I’m seeing it. This is absolutely amazing! Do you film and edit these or are you just editing. Either way it is such phenomenal work! Can’t wait to see what u post on Byte :star_struck:


I feel ya. I’ve done video editing myself and the video cutting process alone, takes forever. Could only imagine how long it must take to edit a big budget film