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Name the song you’re listening to now


90% of you are listening to music right now so share away

Tyler The Creator - Glitter


Panic! At the Disco - Say Amen (Saturday Night)


Broken Luxury - Moments


Heavens gate - fall out boy


I’m on the bus home from work and we’re JAMMING out to some Christian Rock :metal:


You know I’m no good- Amy winehouse


well i saw this right as i transitioned songs, so before it was Björk-Crying, now its Perfume Genius- No Good.


that’s funny, i was listening to all of ‘back to black’ earlier. i love amy.




My alarm :tired_face: 6:24am where i am


I love Amy too, I wanna get her initials tattooed in my sleeve… it might be a little much but I call it devotion :joy::joy:


it’s not much at all! my best friend and i are getting lyrics tattooed on our hips in white ink soon for his birthday.

whatever makes you happy :relaxed:


Most people are good - Luke Bryan


I can’t help it by Anarbor


Stricken by Disturbed


Through Heaven’s Eyes from The Prince of Egypt


inspired by miley cyrus


Milck - Devil Devil


betrayed - lil xan
(btw gr8 song choice; glitter was one of my fave songs)


Hail mary by 2pac