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Name Drop in 74 Hours


i woke up to read it on the discord and i was screaming inside…IM SO EXCITED!


Yes… This is what we’ve been (partly) waiting for!


Stares at screen for 74 hours straight. My body is ready.


If this is real, I’m going to pee really soon.


Yess this is real!!! So go pee lol



When her first new Vine drops…it’s gon’ be cray.


that’s cool.


Woop woop! :tada:


3 days i cant wait


@whosjohnirl Here is the invite link to join the Discord server.


cant wait to find out the new name as well



Hey umm what exactly does that mean i dont really know, so could. you please exlplaib that to me (my brain isnt functioning idk why)


Wait why am i hetting likes for beiing stupid?:joy: its nice i guess… not questioning it.




as i said, nit questioning it…


Why cant i type correctly, what is dis?? I guess just HYPE🅱️ about V2


I think it is a meme. The phrase “This ain’t it chief.” Is a popular thing to say to someone who does something that is not good/cool. So, “This is it chief.” Is when something is good/cool, I guess? Not sure, someone on the discord asked Dom to say it, so he did. :slightly_smiling_face:
(I had to look up the meaning because I don’t get certain references either, lol.)


I cant believe its been pretty mutch a year since the first annoncement or longer