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My Problem With Youtube Commentators (Thoughts?)


My biggest critique with them, is how easy is it to make such content. Anyone can sit in front of a camera telling people what they should or shouldn’t do, because it’s so easy to make people rather go down that route than make, a videograhy, photography, music, film, etc type channel. (Which a lot of the commentators channels dabble in, but never make it their focus). It’s a lot easier to rant, than to make a good short film. I understand there’s an algorithm going on, but people laziness seems to play a role in this as well. Share your thoughts on this topic below


I think some people are really good at making this style of video. If you don’t have a good personality it gets boring and you won’t get any views. Some people can talk about something for 15 or 20 minutes and a million people watch it and that’s okay. There are people on youtube doing things that are a lot worse.

And as for them being lazy, that may be true for some people, but drew gooden and danny gonzalez definitely put a lot of effort into their videos. There are also people like kurtis conner and ryan trahan who’s editing style makes their videos even funnier and I’m sure they wouldn’t take time to do it if they were that lazy.


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I don’t think it’s right to categorize them all into one bundle. There are different types of commentators and some stand out from the others by being quite distinct. It’s like comparing Leafy and Pewdiepie, who go in with different intentions and in essence make content different from each other.

Tldr, some are good and some are bad but it really depends on how far they go, what areas, and their actual personality as well as the one they show in their content.


you just made a rant about their ranting.
That type of video form doesnt show that they are lazy but that some may enjoy making that (light and funny) type of video over artsy or serious films etc


It’s easy to make ANY type of content if you do it poorly. I can make a crappy bad film in a day, and a commentator can spend three days researching a topic, gathering info and “proof”, and writing a streamlined critique.

I think you are trying to find an easy label and thing to hate, but the truth is there isn’t a bad “type” of content (except content that by it’s own nature harms others). There’s only bad or good creators.


I am a youtube “commentator” and I think that theres a certain type of humor behind rants that just makes them enjoyable. But i don’t really know anything im like 15.


it’s not as easy as you think. a lot of the time there’s a script behind it as well


If it’s so easy everyone would do it. Some people don’t want to make short films, that’s like saying it’s so much easier to make a pop song than a fucking opera. I’d downvote if I could


That’s not to worry mate. Recently there have been many spamming bots in youtube which is creating a very bad criticism. we just need to report to them early so that they may remove soon from youtube people.


I’ve read a similar topic to this before but I think if people like to create those types of videos then so be it because there’s also an audience out there for those type of videos. You are right those videos can be easier to make but a lot of commentators do put a lot of effort in to their videos it just doesn’t seem like it and many get slated because of this it’s just my thoughts on the matter I think they need to be there plus some times they provide a good source of information



I think some people are really good …

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Definitely brought up some interesting points. I respect your perspective on this


I don’t think it’s right to categorize…

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True, it’s just some of these commentators come off as whining all the time. It’s one thing to do satire, and another to do a story without really verifying the facts. That genre really isn’t my cup of tea tbh


you just…

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Satire is fine, its when they start doing news type content without really verifying and following thru with the facts which I have issue with.


It’s easy to make ANY type of content…

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While its true its easy to make any type of content if you do it poorly. I see these commentary channels pumping out videos, weekly if not multiple times a week. I don’t really see that from the film community.


I am a youtube “commentator…

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Appreciate the self awareness and respect that greatly.


I’ve read a similar topic…

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Respect your opinion on this. However, I don’t really see them as a good source of information. Many times if they cover news, they’re just a poorly verified news rant. That’s my opinion though.

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I dont hate the commentary community but the ones who complain about ads on videos are annoying. Maybe the content isnt interesting a worthy of getting ads dont blame an algorithm.

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Very true, but people will always find a reason to complain.

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When I used to make videos in Spanish I used to be a ”commentator” type of YouTuber, because it was easy, easyyyyy. Just talked about something trendy and boom, thousands of views. The biggest one I had, had 12K views with only 100 subscribers and then got to 300, but didn’t felt like I was enjoying it so I stopped and now started making ”vlogs” in English, but stopped again for now.

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Felt the same exact way about my former Youtube channel. I made a video dissing some marketing scam, and several large Youtubers just for the clout, but I knew deep down, that’s not what I wanted. Feel like life is too short to be constantly complaining your entire life and making content centered around that. With byte I feel like I can make more of the content I want, just because of the fact that I got on the app early