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My plans for 2019 are here!


Hey guys, I have uploaded a 2019 future plans + 2018 recap video on YouTube, I talk about Byte after recapping 2018 if you are curious, and more. ENJOY!


m-my plans…anyone?


Changed to #promote-yourself

I haven’t got exactly 21 minutes to spare, but I’ll watch :blush:


You can watch half, like 10.


I appreciate he energy lol. It’s good to see your passion, I feel like that’s the most important thing


he energy, YES, I’m definitely that.


i always choose my words very carefully


Not the best thumbnail I’ve seen, karma.


I know, but I didn’t have enough time, I’ll change it later.

take a joke.


I’m just kidding man, Do the most authentic you.


M m magical plans


Wanna see what the future holds.


I starred in m mmm mem memesemem mememememe. Mem mem mememmeme. Lol that vid


My plans are:

Because I have none