My newest song - thought you'd like it!


Lemme know what you think! I wrote this song for my wife for Valentine’s Day 2017.


You’ve got a really unique voice :clap:


This is beautiful!


Thank you! I used to hate it, but I embrace it now. :slight_smile:


Thank you!


As you should, sounds awesome. I’m in a band as well…but its heavy metal lol


That was really cool man :fire: track


I wish I were in a band lol
My wife helps on some of my work, but 9/10 it is just me.


Wow, Nice song


yeeeeee! this is a jam! :grin:


You think so?? :smile:


I love it it’s so good! :stuck_out_tongue:


Mate. You have a beautiful voice. Yes. Embrace it. You spent time on the lyrics and writing the song. Your wife will love you. Are there things that are just too good? How will you manage to step it up for an anniversary gift? Man. Keep it up. You have yourself a new fan and I only listen to emo/alternative.


wow, that’s such a pretty song! wish you the best of luck for the future, you deserve more of an audience for that


I really like your voice. It reminds me of someone big but I can’t put my finger on it. Keep going man


That was an awesome song! Im sure your wife will love it :blush: