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My first byte ever


Thanks duude ^^


I appreciate that, thank you


Thanks a loot homie


This is funny :smile:


It was really good!!! Keep coming up with ideas. Practice makes perfect :ok_hand:


Thank youu :joy:


Thank youu, yess absolutely, stay tuned :v:


I can’t wait for byte compilations. This would definitely make the cut👌


I hope so buddy, thank you soo much ^^


It was awesome :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Thank youuu :joy::joy::joy:


I like it! What did you use to make it?


Ow thanks! I used my brain :joy: Canon 500D + LED for shooting, and Sony Vegas Pro for editing


Very cool! Is it common for people to use other cameras and not just their phones for the app?


Not that necessary, but if you have the chance to improve your image and sound qualities, its gonna be better for sure. Vine for example, almost everyone was shooting using the phone, then when popular viners started growing, they came up with pro equipments in need to gave their followers the best quality possible.


Okay! That’s pretty cool and great to know! How long does it take you to make the average byte?


Less than 24 hours, between getting the idea, storyboard, shoot, edit, and post it. Thats the beauty of byte, you fastly bring your idea to life, unlike long videos and short movies, some of em took me more than 2 months to be made.


Good except that sound effect


The gunshot? or the music part at the end?


That is very True!